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해외 기술 정보


·         S/W Testing

·         EMI EMC 제품 관련

·          NEMKO-certification body

·         Part Miner(부품)

·         I-Supply(부품구매)

·         ICMASTER(IC)

·         Tech-Online(기술)

·         Chip-Center(기술)

·         TechTV(기술정보)

·         Cirrus Design Center(PCMCIA,WLAN,AV RCVR) 
Prototype PCB(USA)

·         Howstuffworks(취미) 

·         Poputronics-(취미잡지)

·         Barns and Noble(미국책방)

·         HotSWAP관련

각종 기사


국내 인터넷 Site



·         MikeFoley's Blog

·         Bluetooth Toplists                   

·          SIG (Member)

·         Bluetooth(alltalking.com)

·         Bluetooth:Basic(Parlow)

·         Yahoo BT User Group

·         BT-China

·         BT-KOREA

·         불루투스포럼

·         불루투스 산업협의회

·         KORWIN(s/w, Dev Sys.)

·         HandyWave(USB Dongle)

·         CLIPCOMM(Bluestation)

·         SysOnChip(CF+Card)

·         AnyCom(PC Card)

·         HassNet (USB Dongle)


KT 기술조사평가단 페이지


공공아이 핀 등록

Taiwan Tax

Tax general,

Taiwan Pay open

Brijit.com(world brifiefs)

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